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Federico Sorgi
Born in Giulianova (Teramo, IT) in 1989. Graduated in Ingegneria Edile-Architettura in L'Aquila. He took part in several national and international competitions receiving praises and credits. He attended an internship in an architectural firm about a project in Riyad (Saudi Arabia). Active member of the association VIVIAMOLAq with which he took part to the planning and realization of several projects, including LAP project (Laboratorio di Architettura Partecipata) with the architectural firm MCA (Mario Cucinella Architects) and ActionAid. In his path he always studied and experimented systems which can reduce the distinct line between public and private spaces.
- Building and Architecture Engineering – Università di L’Aquila.
- Erasmus program in Mons, Belgium, for 12 months attending the “Facultè polytechnique de Mons”
Workshop attended:
- “2nd International atelier LaurAQ” in collaboration with Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
- “Parametric architecture and self-construction” with Arch. M. Russo and Arch. B. di Carlo (2014 in L’Aquila,IT), promoted by VIVIAMOLAq
- “Sensorial park, landscape and green architecture” with Arch. M. Baggio (2015 in L’Aquila,IT), promoted by VIVIAMOLAq
- “3rd International atelier LaurAQ” in collaboration with Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

Atelier Progettuali 07-12 aprile 2014 - INU edizioni ISBN 978-88-7603-127-4

VIVIAMOLAq is an association founded by students and graduate students from “Università di L’Aquila” after the 6th April 2009 earthquake. Willing to take part in the rebirth process of the city, the association aims to redefine the concept of public spaces by a constant relationship with the people. In this way the opportunity to partecipate will be given to everyone. The approach is focused on abandoned areas, interstitial spaces between buildings and new polarities born after the earthquake far from the city centre. The association wants to promote good urban policies and principles that can return planning and creative choices to the citizens. The temporary use of places is the implementing tool that allows to realize flexible and dynamic public spaces. VIVIAMOLAq highly supports participative strategies in order to involve people and other associations in its work. Recently the association was involved in several projects including “La Città” in the jail of San Donato (Pescara, IT) and LAP (Laboratorio di Architettura Partecipata), in collaboration with the firm MCA (Mario Cucinella Architects) and ActionAid in order to plan two school buildings.

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Federico Sorgi
Federico Sorgi

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