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Dominick Dibona
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Dominick Dibona

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Dominick Dibona is an American writer of mysteries and pulp fiction. He moved to California in 2004. Dominick Dibona has been awarded Edgar Awards twice out of three nominations from the Mystery Writers of America. He is a successful freelance writer and an expert in securing agents and publishers despite high competitions and challenges. He attends workshops and conferences that focus on general or mystery writing and also provides opportunities to network with fellow authors, editors, and publishers. Dominick Dibona is willing to work with a reliable writer who does good work and produce engaging stories. Dominick can provide multiple benefits to writers, such as access to industry tools and resources and the opportunity to network with other writers. He has build readership by submitting short fictions to both print and online mystery magazines. He writes fiction or nonfiction through scripts, novels, and biographies and also writes advertisement copy for newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, and the Internet. The characters and plots, Dominick uses in his fictions are sometimes imaginary and sometimes based on real events.