Dominick Dibona

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / United States

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Dominick Dibona
Dominick  Dibona
Dominick Dibona
  • Address 2423 Musgrave Street , 0007310700 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | United States

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Dominick Dibona is the Information Technology (IT) Manager at WOOD Consulting Services Fulton, Maryland since 2005. He has been actively serving his clients since being appointed as the IT Manager and has always played a significant role in offering the best routine maintenance to his organization. Dominick is responsible for micromanaging IT operations and also managing the IT staff. Dominick has excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and computer hardware/software systems. He also holds expertise in data centre management and analyzes the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs. He prepares, updates and devises regulatory IT policies and IT support systems. He also masters excellent organizational skills.