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Daniele Bortotto
Daniele Bortotto is a product designer born in Italy in 1988. He started studying Industrial Design at IUAV, Venice, where he graduated in 2010. He then moved to ECAL, Switzerland, to attend a Master in Product Design. In June 2012 he graduated with a thesis project
on the power of scent and its link with objects of our daily life.
The result of this research is selected from Camper, and becomes one of the main topics of the Camper summer workshop 2012 in Mallorca, with the tile ‘The smell of design’. Daniele had the exciting chance to be part of the Art direction team and design the scenography for the
final show. He’s currently working for the industrial designer Adrien
Rovero in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Daniele Bortotto
Daniele Bortotto
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