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Corby Rock Mill

Corby rock is located in Co Monaghan Ireland and have over 40 years’ experience in the farming industry. A specialist company which produces high-quality Chicken Feeds. We are a dedicated customer service team and are available at any time to answer any queries. All our poultry feeds are top of the range feeds, meeting all requirements such as nutritional needs to ensure performance in growth, reproduction, and health through each stage of a laying cycle. We provide a large range of feeds to supply for commercial, free range, and barn systems. Our free-range chicken feed has a higher energy and protein content which would be better for your chicken’s diets.

Address: Ballybay Rd, Tamlat, Co.Monaghan

Post Code: H18 HY60

Phone: (047) 30099

Email: [email protected]

Corby Rock Mill
Corby Rock Mill
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