Concrete Jungle

Architect Vladivostok / Russian Federation

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Concrete Jungle 31
Concrete Jungle
Конкрит Джангл (англ. concrete jungle, в переводе - бетонные джунгли).
Мы работаем на стыке изобразительного искусства, дизайна и архитектуры.

ConcreteJungle is the name of our company since 2007, when we were a graffity team.
Now our company is engaged in architectural and industrial design, production of our projects and art.
We work on the edge of architecture, engineering and visual art.

Тел.: 8-902-525-34-40 / 8-902-488-82-96
[email protected]
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
  • Address улица Давыдова 33д, 690105 Vladivostok | Russian Federation