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Barcelona / Spain

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Chu Uroz
Chu  Uroz
Chu Uroz

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Chu Uroz is a 360 designer based in Barcelona, with love for the rest of the world. With a deep understanding of the route that it takes to consolidate an idea, from the very beginning at the concept to the very last touch of production. Starting work a long time ago, way back in 1992 with one of his initial and best known projects was the design of the Opening Gala for the Barcelona Olympics, he has since done film production, collaborating very closely with Bigas Luna in a variety of different projects, such as the movie Jamón – Jamón. Equally, Chu has been involved in the fashion world, as president of MODA FAD Barcelona, yet prior that, he has done significant work with Carlus Padrisa for La Fura dels Baus as costume design producer in addition to many other operas around the globe. Chu’s work is signified by various concepts and materials and greater technology presence. His education in Industrial Design has been a key element for his product designs, such as ice buckets and lamps. In addition he demonstrated unforgettable and pioneering work in the 90’s, in developing new ways to print clothes, thus making it possible to bring the graphic design world closer to the fashion world. Furthermore, he is specialised in space design, mapping and interaction so there is not many areas of design that Chu has not covered or experimented with and together with the decades of experience brings a real bonus treat to any project. As a consequence of to his long term quest and work in the field of design, he created Union Studios Garage and by gathering together a great team of very talented and multidisciplinary profiles he can take on over any creative challenge.