Christopher Hawker

Designer Columbus / United States

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Christopher Hawker
Christopher Hawker
Christopher Hawker
  • Address 24 E Lincoln St, 43215 Columbus | United States
  • Tel 6142912435
  • Fax 6142919473

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Chris Hawker is the founder of award-winning inventor-oriented industrial design firm Trident Design, LLC ( He is a serial inventor specializing in unique problem-solver gadgets, like the PowerSquid and the Onion Goggles. He has licensed products as well as manufactured and marketed them himself. With over 25 products on the market with cumulative sales in the millions, Chris’s products have been sold in nearly every major retailer, including Wal-Mart, Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and have appeared in countless media stories, in such venues as the New York Times and the Today Show. In his 10 years of being a full-time professional inventor, Chris has developed what he calls the “Perfect Product Pyramid”, where technology, function, and design are balanced to predictably create products that transform their product categories and bring excitement to otherwise boring tasks. He is the author of the eBook, “The Inventor’s Mind”, where he lays out how to approach each step in turning an idea into a real product. His firm, Trident Design, LLC, offers a full range of invention design and marketing services to help other inventors bring their products to market utilizing the same amazing team he uses for his own ideas.