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cebas Visual Technology (social media)

cebas Visual Technology Inc is a privately held software company founded in 1988 in Heidelberg, Germany, now headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The company’s advanced tools empowers users of art, including films, music videos, architectural and engineering design professions to achieve realistic, compelling and integrative visual effects that are scientifically accurate and entirely based on realistic multi-physics operators.

I am cedar thokme and I work as the social media and office support for cebas visual Technology.

Introducing our flagship software products for architectural visualization and render:

finalRENDER 3.5 (release 4.0 coming soon) CPU-powered:

finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design is the perfect choice for bigger production houses and advanced users seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility, as well as, mainstream user base.
The product uses the same rock solid Hollywood production-proven rendering core and produce the same rendering results. A complementary copy of finalToon 3.5 is included with a purchase of the version.
finalRender 3.5 SE comes with a vast feature set. To read more about them, click on the Download Features List.

The cebas Non-Photo-Realistic (NPR) renderer for 3ds Max, finalToon 3.5, has also been upgraded with features and functionality. finalToon 3.5 is available as an integral part of finalRender 3.5 SE or as a standalone product.


Meet moskitoRender™ ! GPU-powered workhorse renderer and cebas’ next generation movie quality rendering, now made possible with hardware accelerated (GPU) rendering.


moskitoRender™ is the first full-featured GPU renderer for 3ds Max with the least amount of software and creative restrictions of all GPU-only renderers on the market! Its nonrestrictive, highly optimized approach allows artists to unleash their imagination and freedom needed to feed their artistic appetite.

moskitoRender™ has NO materials of its own, yet supports ALL of the 1,300 materials from the Autodesk Material Library as well as the standard 3ds Max materials.
It is a true Physically Based Spectral Rendering solution meant to replace any one of the standard 3ds Max rendering options, creating images based on strict unbiased path-tracing methods.
moskitoRender™offers a true continuous workflow with easy setup, less parameters and lightning fast results.

Feel free to email me at [email protected],com for more info. Check out the links.
cebas Visual Technology (social media)
cebas Visual Technology (social media)
  • Address Suite 2202B – 4464 Markham Street, Victoria, V8Z 7X8 Victoria | Canada
  • Tel 2505902913

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