Carmine Bellucci

Interior designer Padua / Italy

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Carmine Bellucci
Carmine Bellucci is an Italian artist and illustrator working and living in Padua, Italy.
He attended the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan and graduated in Visual Arts. Afterwards he continued his studies attending the advanced course in Type Design at Politecnico in Milan. He has worked with many international client. Besides his training and work he has always been involved in the underground visual culture and kept up to date with what's happening in the subculture, he founded the Interplay Art group and with them landed several commissioned works and took part in many local and national street art events.
Carmine has always had a keen interest and passion for arts and any visual expression of all those invisible movements we call feelings and emotions, in all their complex yet fascinating dynamics. He paints whimsical and quirky worlds where everything can happen, shapes, colors, rainbows and a touch of nostalgic magic make his output unique, authentic and mesmerizing. In the digital world of perfection he believes that the brush scuffing the rough surface of wood and the uneven painted texture still give off a beguiling vibe of reality, humanity and powerful visual language.
He is member of the AI (Associazione Illustratori).
Carmine is represented by The Illustration Room and Art Associates.
Carmine  Bellucci
Carmine Bellucci