Sebastiaan Bouwmeester | 建筑大师

Designer Zandvoort / Netherlands

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Sebastiaan Bouwmeester | 建筑大师 0
Sebastiaan Bouwmeester | 建筑大师
The Infinitree Study Commissions Industrial Product Design Boom Festival 2010 DC Airco - DC7200 evaporator Sound Projects - SPX-4 Sound Projects - Xperience Sound Projects - XM Sound Projects - 'Bob' Sound Projects - SP20 sigma Sound Projects - E-Serie - SP15E Sound Projects - E-Serie - SP18E Sound Projects - E-Serie - SP21E Sound Projects - SP2-21 Sound Projects - SP218 Sound Projects - Gluon Assembly - Sound Projects - 'Sarah' Earproof Sweater Earproof Cardboard Blister Regtvoort BV Development - B.A.S. Studio-Nr1 'Sophie' B.A.S. Studio-Nr1 'Sophie' (Coated) B.A.S. Studio-Nr1 'Sophie' (Translucent) Portable Monitor 1,0 Repair Translator Speaker SP - GT-Fair SET LOLO - Wooden Lid B.A.S. Portable Monitor Set 2,0 Portable Workstation - FlightCase Maas Σ Sigma Wooden Shutter system Lock- & Nameplates Quote's - Minimal Steel (Development) Smog Free Tower - Studio Roosegaarde SMOG FREE RING - Studio Roosegaarde Maintenance - Marbles Stockholm Re-Design Lotus Dome (internal framework, 3D-print) Windlicht (Housing design & Fabrication) Glowing Nature (Research & Development) Liquid Space - (Placement) Winter Light Canary Wharf London, UK Spiegelstenenkist - Icoonafsluitdijk SMOG FREE TOWER - Packaging & Transport to BEIJING Maintenance - Marbles Stockholm SMOG FREE TOWER - Production Portable Foundation & Installation - BEIJING SMOG FREE TOWER - Disassembly - BEIJING
Sebastiaan Bouwmeester | 建筑大师
Sebastiaan Bouwmeester | 建筑大师
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'Hands-on' Designer, Engineer and Manager ​ ​ ​ 'Bouwmeester' |  建筑大师 (Technical Draftsman & Solidworks Wizard) | 技术制图员 和 Solidworks向导 | Industrial and product-design. General engineering, technical specification, production and assembly advice. Create & aim high and keep on moving. In process and management of building with food, components ore waves, like sound and light, it's all the same in the end. Main thing is to make it work for yourself, the rest will follow automatically. WeChat: sfvbouwmeester