Aspasia Taka

Architect Thessaloniki / Greece

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Aspasia  Taka
Aspasia Taka
  • Address Michail Psellou 13, 546 55 Thessaloniki | Greece
  • Tel 00302310422140
  • Fax 00302310422141

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This is about a Greece-based design laboratory developing and handling challenging projects in a variety of contexts, locations and scales, which cover all elements of design and construction from the initial concept to turn-key solutions, as well as all the in-between phases of the exciting procedure: from the thought to product. We work on hospitality, commercial, residential projects providing full architectural, interior design, exhibition design and graphic design studies, as well as furniture and object design services. Every project is considered unique and our goal is to provide innovative and dynamic design obsessed for flawless details and finishings. The inspiration, the need for creation and the consequence in our work define a path that constantly redefines its identity via contemporary architecture and design.