Andrey Sokruta

Interior designer Kyiv / Ukraine

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Andrey Sokruta 2
Andrey Sokruta
The interior studio Andrey Sokruta Workshop has been operating since 2008.
During this time, its founder Andrey Sokruta and his team sold more than 50 residential and commercial premises.
The competitive advantage and feature of the studio is the ease and knowledge of its business, thanks to which all issues of redevelopment are solved. In addition, the designer-architect Andrey Sokruta comes up with almost all the furniture for houses, restaurants and shops.
In the photos of each project, you can see interior items that were the first sketches in the designer’s portfolio and, as a result, became high-quality and durable furnishings!
The company has also excellent experience working with exteriors.
The motto of the studio Andrey Sokruta Workshop is thoughtful functionality in a stylish wrapper! Andrey believes that design, first of all, should be individual (thought out for a specific person or family!) and practical! The aesthetics of this frame needs to be increased without compromising comfort.
The studio received many awards for design solutions and innovations. The last is a special prize of the competition "Interium 2020" for the category "Restaurant and bar interiors" conferred by the jury member Nicola Ticozzi - director of courses for architects "HoReCa Workshop".
Andrey Sokruta
Andrey Sokruta

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