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Align Clinic
445 Cardinal Lane, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States
(920) 940-5277

Align Clinic is a local orthotic and prosthetic clinical facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our practice is open for consultations and therapy sessions every Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

We have a team of health professionals at our facility who have been proudly catering to the city of Green Bay for many years, specializing in pediatric orthotics and scoliosis treatment options.

Emery Maloney, CO started Align Clinic Wisconsin with the goal of one day becoming the region's # 1 clinic for patients with scoliosis.

Making use of orthotics and prosthetics, our team keeps careful track of every single patient's distinct diagnosis, spine curve, and symptoms to set up a custom-made treatment that provides long-lasting relief. One of those trademark treatments is the renowned WCR Brace.

The WCR, or Wood Cheneau Rigo Brace, is a thermoplastic brace for holistic and conservative care of scoliosis and crooked curvature of the spine.

Years and years of research have shown that the WCR Brace supports long-term care and relief for scoliosis, because it requires continuous feedback and intensive planning from several disciplines-- our resident MD, Schroth or BSPS trained PTs, and orthotist.

This way, we can perfectly personalize the brace to your distinct diagnosis, measurements, clinical photos, and x-rays-- and essentially, get the best results for the patient.

With the WCR brace, you can finally ease your back pain and move around as free as you used to!

Besides the WCR brace, we also prescribe treatments like routine, tailored physical therapy sessions with our crew of Schroth or BSPS physical therapists.

And as a full-service prosthetics and orthotics clinic, we can get patients outfitted for an entire range of instruments, for children and adults alike. We can prescribe treatment options like the cranial remolding band, walkaide, and other tried and tested instruments to help you with your health condition.

From the diagnosis and regular evaluation to treatment-- surgery, therapy, or otherwise-- our staff of specialists will be right here with you till you're back to tiptop health.

So the minute you start feeling the smallest prick in your lower back, neck, or in the general area of your spine, don't hesitate. Before you find yourself in unbearable pain that sentences you to bed rest, speak with our spine specialist and let us help you get ahead of the problem!

Schedule an examination with our scoliosis specialists and orthotics team today to get ahead of potential back pain and spine issues! Get in touch with us via phone call at (920) 940-5277 or send us your questions at [email protected] to get professional guidance from our crew of healthcare experts.

For further information on our services, specialty, crew of therapists and healthcare workers, and scheduling instructions, you can also log on to our website at

Experience personal attention and long-lasting care and pain relief for your spine with the leading medical specialists at Align Clinic!
Align Clinic
Align Clinic