ARCHIPOEM, the poetical side of Architecture

17 lyrical compositions from Federico Babina

by Rossana Vinci


Federico Babina, the illustrator and architect behind the series of popular architectural interpretations including ARCHITALE and ARCHIPLAY, has just released his latest project: ARCHIPOEM, an animation and a collection of creative illustrations that poetically breakdown the many sides of architecture.





Invisible, Desire, Play, Evolution, Symbol, Mysticism, Lost, Soul, Lexicon, Vice Versa, Float, Identity, Weichtless, Totem, Senses, Cizmo, Oneiric: these are the 17 short visual and textual Federico Babina’s tales that come to life in the short video below accompanied by the music of the Catalan composer Elisabet Raspall.



Here are the entire set of ARCHIPOEM illustrations: