Simple Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

It’s many girl’s dreams to have their very own walk-in wardrobe, there’s just something really special about it. The idea of a walk-in wardrobe creates a sense of luxury, glamour and style, and therefore having one in your own home is a dream come true. Walk-in wardrobes used to be much more of a wealth status, for example you wouldn’t see them in an ordinary family home, but huge mansions with swimming pools and helipads.

by Eva Watkins

The wonderful thing about walk-in wardrobes today is the ability to create the perfect space for you and your home, which will help add to the beautiful look as well as add a really practical touch to your home. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe for you and your home.

The colour you choose is key. Whether you’re someone who loves a neutral tone or you love bold, bright colours, how you choose to design your wardrobe will really make a difference in the feel you want to create. Your walk-in wardrobe will essentially be another room, and therefore any space where units aren’t positioned will need painting. This is why sticking to a specific colour scheme is so important, as you want to keep a balanced look that flows throughout the room and add class and style to the décor. You can then choose the colour of your furniture, whether you go for white oak or even black coated pieces, it’s important to choose a colour that works well for you, as the furniture will take up the majority of your walk-in wardrobe.

First impressions are everything. Just like a normal wardrobe, you want to keep things private at times. It’s not always a good look when all you can see if a huge selection of clothes and shoes hung neatly in a section of the bedroom, and you wouldn’t usually leave your wardrobe doors open, would you? Therefore, adding some kind of door to the wardrobe will work really well. The most popular kind of door for walk-in wardrobes is the sliding door. There’s nothing more exciting than having a sliding door, neatly positioned on a sliding door track, that will open up and display your whole wardrobe in front of your very own eyes. At the same time, you have the option to say goodbye to your collection for a while and close the door, separating the walk-in wardrobe from your bedroom. This adds a sense of privacy as well as creates a more homely, cosy atmosphere, as you are able to close off the wardrobe and create a smaller, cosier feel for your bedroom. The sliding doors will however give you the option to keep the wardrobe open to the rest of the room, which is perfect for if you want to ask for some advice on an outfit or try multiple outfits on and admire your choices in the bedroom mirror.

You then have storage to consider, as this is potentially the most important aspect to having a walk-in wardrobe. The idea of a walk-in wardrobe is to not only display your beautiful selection of clothes for you to admire all day long, but also to create enough space to store everything you own neatly and practically for you to find with ease. For this reason alone, it’s important to utilise the space you have a create the perfect wardrobe for you. It’s easy to design a wardrobe that looks gorgeous, but it may not actually work practically, think about what you have the most of, for example if you have more shoes than clothes you may want to create a stylish shoe rack to keep all of your shoes neatly placed on. Similarly, if you find that you seem to collect coats, a larger hanging section may be needed to accommodate your collection and keep them neat and tidy. You can then look at adding features such as jewellery drawers, sections for belts and scarfs and so on, dependant on what you have to store in the wardrobe.

Keeping your walk-in wardrobe stylish and dreamy is something that can be done by simply adding your personal touch and style to the room. Adding a nice amount of lighting will help to make the room feel welcoming and cosy, as well as highlighting different sections of the walk-in wardrobe and creating a dreamy glow. You could also look at adding some personal touches such as photographs or artwork, a nice mirror or even some cute details such as hanging love hearts or bold door handles. These small features will have a surprisingly large impact on the rooms overall feel and create a space that is perfectly suited to you.