Would You Like Air with Your Fries?

by Emiko McMillian

Would you like air fries with that?


The process of hot air frying is a relatively new cooking technique whereby you can “fry,” roast, grill, or gratinate your foods with no necessity for using copious quantities of oils or fats. You can achieve something akin to the deep-fried texture and taste but without the grease.


Air frying appliances represent the first true kitchen appliance innovation since the mid ‘70s, when microwave ovens and slow cookers were introduced.


Air fryers are designed in such a way as to circulate an air flow that is extremely hot, in a fashion that is similar to the movement of hot air currents inside a pot filled with boiling oil. This in turn works to crisp the exterior of the food while simultaneously cooking the interior.


A number of the best air fryer designs come together with a grilling element, which helps with the final browning and crispiness process. In turn, the food is completed with a nice crispy outside and a very pleasingly moist inside.



Air frying in comparison to deep-fat frying


There’s a difference in the taste of air-fried food in comparison to its deeply-fried counterpart, though many consumers will state that air-fried food actually does taste better. There’s no greasy sensation, which can, providing you consume enough, sink down to the pit of your stomach and end with the resulting episode of uncomfortable indigestion.


And yet, the flavor is still acceptably close to what you achieve with deep frying, whilst being devoid of the troublesome cleanup process and the aroma of cooked oil throughout your house. The overall workload involved with an air fryer is quite a bit less than that of alternative frying methods


It’s likely that to someone who is new to the air frying process, the cooking times are far higher than when using the deep-fat method. After all, eight minutes in the deep fryer in comparison to 25 minutes in the air fryer stacks up nicely in favor of the deep-fat fryer.


However, with deep-frying, there’s the waiting times involved in the warming up and cooling down of the oil, and there’s also the added hassle involved. The fact is that, though many homeowners purport to loving deep-fat fried food, there are not so many that actually pursue it because it’s time-consuming and troublesome.


Apart from the warm-up and cool-down, there’s the cleaning up, then the filtering and storage of the oil which can be messy. And that speaks to nothing about the leftover odor that pervades the entire household.


So, in essence, hot air frying equates to no hassle other than the initial preparation of the food.


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