Vlaamse Schuur Bolberg

Bavel / Netherlands / 2009


[EN] Tucked away in the country side town of bolberg, the netherlands, sits a renovated old 'flemish barn' converted into an office. Developed by dutch firm arend groenewegen architect, the structure takes the ingredients of the original architecture form which consists of the wooden construction, low black facade and large thatched roof; and transforms it into a functioning work space. When the owner decided to stop his livestock business, the use of the existing barn built in the 1800, originally ...
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Mimmo Affatigato
Mimmo Affatigato /Architetto
bellissimo progetto, in Italia di certo non lo avrebbero autorizzato per via delle norme antincendio..
Jelle Cosemans
Jelle Cosemans /Altro
Dit ziet er enorm goed uit!
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