Museo De Semana Santa De Hellìn

Hellìn / Spain / 2011

Project Details

  • Year 2011
  • Contractor PEFERSAN, S.A.
  • Cost 3.512.235
  • Total area (m²) 2.160
  • Status Completed works
  • Type Museums /


The Museum Project was the result of an ideas competition organized by the Hellín Municipality. The competition rules considered the refurbishment of the Casa del Conde as well as the construction of an extension on the plot area former occupied by some small service buildings of the house.

In the competition winning proposal we included the completely refurbished Casa del Conde as a part of the Museum. We even wanted to give it a main role, incorporating the former backyard facade as the background ...

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The museum of the Semana Santa in the old town of Hellìn in SpainExit Architects convert an ancient 18th century dwelling

by Malcolm Clark The Museo De Semana Santa De Hellìn project is the result of a competition of ideas, called by the Municipality of Hellìn, located in the province of Albacete, in the south of Spain. The
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