Casa Bahia

Salvador de Bahia / Brazil / 2010

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The Bahia House is an ecological house. But, not in the technological sense, not in the contemporary sense of the word “sustainability”, it does not have the very latest state-of-the-art gadgets that make it possible to optimize electric expenditure. The organization of the floor plan and the use of materials come close to those of traditional architecture. The Bahia House makes use of the old popular knowledge that has been reinvented and incorporated throughout the history of Brazilian architecture. ...

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Ana Cecilia
Ana Cecilia /Designer d'interni
Morando num sonho!!
LEA ALPIS /Architetto
Um luxo...parabéns!!1
Filippo Cei
Filippo Cei /Architetto
Piergiacomo Perna
Piergiacomo Perna /Architetto (Image)
I don't want to miss the vernacular elements I perceive too in these images. Elements that you can find in Kumas works, but lacks in da Rocha
Piergiacomo Perna
Piergiacomo Perna /Architetto (Image)
At last I appreciate a lot this work. Already from the picture emerges a strong sensual effect of materials and nature. It evokes in my mind a mixed composition of De Rocha, De Moura and Kuma lessical dimensions: brasilian sensual space density of the first balanced by the serenity of miesian proportions combined with the strong sense of natural material that I find in De Moura. All this dressed with the attemp to get the Kumas use of wood web surfaces as luministic evanescent side scenes . A really appropriate mix for the place. Just only the use of light does not succeed to reach Kumas performance, I think.
Piergiacomo Perna
Piergiacomo Perna /Architetto (Image)
Wood surfaces seems to be by teak essence. False ceiling material is made of the same too? So, I try to imagine how all they will appear .... ten years later?
Piergiacomo Perna
Piergiacomo Perna /Architetto (Image)
Do you think this simmetric disposition of luminaires is the right one? I'm sure the architect has reasoned a lot about it, and at last decided so. I ask myself: Why?
Emanuele GENTILE
Emanuele GENTILE /Architetto
molto bello
Nida Kireççi
Nida Kireççi /Urbanista
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