Micasa Volume B
Showroom Vitra
San Paolo / Brazil / 2007

Project Details


This is the project for a Vitra retail furniture store in São Paulo. We are using the materials in their extreme conditions, such as fair faced concrete without any concern for precision and finish, or the skin of the rear volume, where we are using several layers of steel mesh usually used to reinforce concrete slab, found on the site.

The interior walls were neither given a final finish; we left the chalk markings made by the workers during the work, almost an archaeological revelation. The ...

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Posts & Comments
Alessandro Pinton
Alessandro Pinton /Architetto
Good design! I like it!
Sergey Arsenov
Sergey Arsenov /Designer d'interni (Image)
Concrete is very picturesque
Tatiana Kireeva
Tatiana Kireeva /Altro (Image)
Tatiana Kireeva
Tatiana Kireeva /Altro (Image)
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