Munico Than (architetto Thanhoffer)

Architect Como / Italy

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Munico Than (architetto Thanhoffer) 68
Munico Than (architetto Thanhoffer)
Munico Than (architetto Thanhoffer)
Munico Than (architetto Thanhoffer)
  • Address Via Monte Rosa, 2, 22071 Como | Italy
  • Tel 031900938
  • Fax 0312280648

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Thanhoffer Enrico alias (Munico ® Than), was born in Como (Italy) in 1965, architect and artist. A resume full training after graduating in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano earned an MASTER at the POST University OIKOS, (funded and recognized by the European Community FSE) and the title of "Expert in Executive Planning". Then an experience at the Public Administrations of over 10 years, and finally the opening of his studio. Artist known by the pseudonym Munico. It deals with: architectural design. Present a variety of publications.