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Volos / Greece

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Constantine Adamos
Constantine Adamos
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I am a dynamic and ambitious architect with seven years of experience who always finds the way to get to the desired result . I obtained my master from University of Thessaly in year 2008 as an architect. Since then I have work as independent architect, mainly engaging with private projects and having until now studied, supervised and finalize several constructions and designs projects. My work experience ranges from Studies, building constructions and interior space renovations to formation and decoration. My target is the creation of high aesthetic areas with modern, advanced technology and bio-climatic interest. In previous jobs I have often been called upon to train juniors and other employees in various components of construction and design techniques. An excellent working knowledge of contracts administration is also one of my strong points. Thinking outside the box, my attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills ensure that every project I work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. I am comfortable working as part of a team but also have the ability to take an authoritative role when the situation arises. My verbal communication skills and an always positive can do attitude make me an effective communicator with all clients I have worked with. It would be useful but also legitimate to say which is my thinking approach? What I consider as primary is to feel the “three-dimensional” of space. From the first language project until it is integrated into your soul. I believe that this is the first step in human’s mind who desires to be an architect. The second feature is to be able to touch the individual parts and observe the particularity, whether it is called building materials and its natural structure, either techniques or even the means of representation we have till now. The third and the most important feature is the “WHOLE”, which differentiates the conditions, is what Pikionis called “insight”. All these in combination with the sensibility, talent, charisma or if you wish, the creator’s spirit. Certainly, that depends on whom you are dealing with, which are the views of the directly interested person. Briefly, the visions and the way of another’s person thinking, the architect is called to perceive them and denature into a space, in which will house the current lifestyle. My enclosed resume clearly demonstrates my interest in sustainability and the way in which my skills and experiences are compatible with this role. I look forward to the opportunity of further discussing my application with you and how I can significantly contribute to the ongoing success of your company.